I'm WIth You era

Здесь будут собираться статьи и интервью эпохи альбома I'm With You. Пока в оригинале, переводы последуют по возможности.

Anthony Kiedis - September 2011 issue of Maxim Magazine

What woman did you always want to sleep with?

What woman didn’t I want to sleep with?

KROQ Interview

It was Josh, it was Chad, it was Flea. Kind of that sensation of reinvention was a very exciting process.

Triple M Radio Review

There’s been much anticipation for their new album, I’m With You. And we’re pleased to report that it’s a killer album.

Q Magazine Review

Flea, a man more commonly associated with cock-socks than classical compositions, has spent the intervening period studying music theory and learning piano.

Rolling Stone August 2011

 Tomorrow in Big Sur, the Chili Peppers make their live debut with Klinghoffer at an invitation-only show on the lawn of the Henry Miller Memorial Library. Flea owns a house in the area and he wants the Chili Peppers to open their next era in front of friends and neighbors.

Josh Klinghoffer interview in Guitar World Magazine

How and when did you first meet John Frusciante?

I met him in January of ’97. He and Flea were playing a gig with Thelonius Monster. And my best friend’s sister was dating Bob Forrest. So I went along to the show. That’s how I first met Flea and John. 

OOR - August 2011

Anthony, can you explain what Josh brings to the band?
Kiedis: Josh is very good at what he does. He knows what he is doing, just like us. And if you put those two things together in one room you know it is going to end up all right. 

The band that couldn’t be stopped

“I remember one show when my girlfriend walked on stage in the middle of the set while I was dancing with a naked girl,” Kiedis sighs. “She punched the girl out cold, then threw me down and tried to kick me in the balls. But I would not stop singing. We were playing Foxy Lady and I damn well finished the song!”